COBOT Automation (Agile NC Machine Tool Tending)

BOLD™ is a value-added developer of Universal Robotic systems for automated material handling and assembly processes found in NC Machining Applications for feeding raw materials.  BOLD’s™ modular platform offers customers an opportunity for greater efficiency and our flexible design produces at a much more competitive price that allows our customers quicker return on investment (ROI).

Utilizing flexible, lightweight robots from Universal Robots (UR), clients have a tool capable of optimizing everywhere within their manufacturing environment.  This is also enhanced by the fact that a Cobot can operate cooperatively with traditional workers without traditional safety guarding, solving restricted space challenges.

UR robots carry out machine tending mainly on CNC machines, enabling the agile manufacturing demanded by manufacturers as the robots are easily adjusted to constantly changing material specifications.  Another tangible benefit of the UR robots is the fact that one operator can keep a cell with eight CNC machines running at a time whereas before the maximum was three. As a result, a three-shift operation could benefit from a reduction of 1.5 employee per cell per shift.   This technology doesn’t replace employees, it allows employees to tackle newer tasks that promote the bottom line, which offers a chance to increase business.  Ask for a BOLD™ quote for its standard NC Tending Solutions.