Laser Cut Ultra-Thin Glass for Next Generation Displays

Substrates  made with ultra-thin glass provide an excellent opportunity to product developers tackling next-generation handheld devices as well as the burgeoning automotive instrument panels advances.  Ultra-thin glass provides unique features for applications involving, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), Electrophoretic Displays, Electrowetting and Electrochromic.  With thermal and dimensional stability, ultra-thin glass makes sense as an enabler for next-generation display products.  With the recent development of various processing techniques such as roll to roll processing of flexible glass substrates, the ability to form and fabricate active and passive devices on the glass is not only possible but mainstream allowing for mass manufacturing of commercial and/or consumer products at reasonable prices.

BOLD Laser Automation™ has numerous entry-level laser tools for researchers, pilot and high-volume production of precision laser cut Ultra-thin glass.   BOLD™ GS9000 Perihelion™ series tools range in price from $245k for an entry level model to precisely cut ultra-thin glass using direct ablative techniques.   BOLD™ offers a variety of solution to meet specific customer needs and production throughput requirements.  The GS9900 Perihelion™ is a large format 2.3×3.7 M2 filamentation based process which has process speeds upwards of >1 M/sec depending on laser power selection and glass thickness.