Laser Integration

BOLD™ approaches laser integration beginning from material science.  We start with the plasma physics and carefully select an appropriate optical beam delivery and laser to meet the required production goals.  From the material interaction the team begins its development of specialized material handling, fixturing and automation.  It should be noted that Health and Safety is dovetailed into this development, striving for greater performance by improving safety, productivity, competitiveness, sustainability, and overall profitability of our clients.  This material first approach ensures that operators or production workers who tend our machines are safe as material are either ablated or evaporated.  BOLD™ views this approach as an opportunity to deliver customers true value and a competitive edge.

BOLD™ provides laser integration for both standalone turnkey processes and for existing production line applications where laser processing may deliver throughput or quality improvements.

BOLD™ dedicates itself to the fundamental goal of seamlessly implementing laser technology to improve quality, speed, reliability, and repeatability of laser-based processes that our customers deploy into their production lines.

BOLD™ offers laser system design solutions that tailor the laser beam, such as laser beam shaping to increase efficiency.

BOLD™ specializes in product fixturing to meet the requirements for optimum material interaction to drive the highest quality, balanced against the fastest throughput.