3D Carbon Fiber Composite Laser Processing: Complex Curved

Precision and Cost-Effective Cutting, Milling and Drilling Composite Assemblies (Carbon Fiber)

The world is looking for solutions to increase safety, reliability and ultimately to reduce the demand for fossil fuels used in transportation and its impact on the environment.  BOLD Laser Automation™ understands that new composite material solutions, such as 3D Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers, coupled with new weaving and molding processes are delivering unparalleled combinations of cost reductions, weight savings, freedom of design, strength to structures as well as increased production speed.  Next-generation components used in automotive and aerospace are benefiting from these advances in manufacturing.

Both, Automotive and Aerospace markets are dependent on the precision and accuracy of their respective processes, which is vital in almost every aspect of manufacturing and assembly.  BOLD™ offers solutions to complex 3D manufacturing problems, by incorporating its laser processing solutions into the flexibility of robotics, 3D measurement technology and customers fixturing and tooling knowhow to deliver repeatable accuracy and precision to process 3D Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers. 3D Processing Products

BOLD Laser Automation TM has a number integrated solutions to choose from:

  • Laser Composite Cutting, Milling, & Drilling Processes (Composite & Glass Stacks)
  • LIDAR Guided Laser Processing Of High Value-Added Composite Assemblies
  • Laser Patterning/Skiving Dielectrics (Isolate or Expose Specialty Coatings)
  • Laser Precision Trimming Excessive Material (Trim Laminates)
  • Laser Processing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)
  • Hybrid Laser and Mechanical Drilling and Milling Operations