BOLD™ Laser Automation, Inc. serves manufacturing industries across various market segments, including aerospace, automotive, medical device, display and microelectronic packaging.  Each of these markets require precision devices or components to fulfil their evolutionary product development goals.  BOLD™ provides the laser and automation tools to help deliver those our customer’s innovations into the market place.

Precision Laser Processes that Drive the Marketplace

Photo of 1.35 micron drilled holes
1.35 micron drilled holes

Photo of circle array entrance.
Circle array entrance

Photo of CompositeFluidic systems.
Composite fluidic systems

Photo of precision laser drilling.
Precision laser drilling

Precision Drilling – inkjet nozzles, flow orifices, fluid metering, filtration, drug delivery, pulmonary atomizers, catheters, Microvia interconnects and membranes.

Photo of precision selective material removal. Photo integrated channel. Photo of precision selective removal induct.

Precision Selective Material Removal (Ablative) – patterning thin conductive thin films, selective edge deletion, ablation of PCB/Flex dielectrics, patterning optical filters, wire stripping and patterning EMI coatings.

Photo of laser cut stainless steel.
Laser-cut stainless steel

Photo of rect array entrance.
Rectangular array entrance

Precision Laser Cutting – thin foil processing, exotic materials, ceramics, laminates, thin and thick glass, metals, polymers and composites such as carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Photo of precision micro welding. Photo of flow medical.

Precision Laser Micro-welding – medical devices, fluidic piping and tubing, plastic devices, hermetic sealing, micro-welding lamp electrodes and various other microfabricated assemblies.

Photo of precision micromarking.

Precision Micro Marking – QR codes on a micro level, marking delicate materials for traceability, alignment markings and various serialization techniques.