Precision Laser Drilling

Photo of precision laser drilling.Precision Laser Drilling is a technology enabler across many fields of endeavor.  From fuel injection, inkjet, pulmonary drug delivery, fluidic metering to advanced catheter drug delivery, drilling a simple hole provides only half the solution in MOST cases.  Issues such as debris removal, surface energy alterations, discoloration of base materials and/or redeposition of carbon can be daunting tasks to mitigate or correct.  For example, take metered fluid flow.  Just selecting a wavelength or pulse duration isn’t enough to solve these issues.

Fluid metering or a simple flow orifice might require secondary process steps to influence the wettability of the final hole produced.  If the flow is piezo driven through an orifice array, to produce atomization, the hole profile may need to be shaped.  Shaping options might  include tapers or countersinking to enhance atomization.  Another example might be microelectronic interconnects through drilled holes.  Hole taper and surface energy changes might influence downstream plating processes that form the electrical connection.

BOLD™ Laser Automation understands precision hole drilling from a true high volume manufacturing perspective.  BOLD™ leverages its experience to determine early in process development, what critical design variables and holistic process decisions might be necessary for an efficient, repeatable, and cost-effective drilling solution.

In all cases, well-developed drilling processes must take into consideration a host of factors and variables.  BOLD™ Laser Automation is staffed with engineering, material science, and manufacturing know-how that stretches back over 35 years.  The know-how covers the field of precision hole drilling for critical consumer, medical and industrial markets — helping clients prepare upstream and downstream processes to ensure that value-added with precision laser drilling is truly realized in whatever product it might be incorporated into.