Automation Resources & Laser Glass Processing

There is a reality within manufacturing facilities worldwide, “You must leverage existing automation resources to continuously improve the bottom line and augment those resources as new technologies for innovation emerge and converge within your market space.”  BOLDTM Laser Automation team members developed an integration methodology based on the idea that production automation, supply chain optimization, and process equipment modularization can help companies improve revenue. Lizotte et al., Laser Beam Shaping Applications, 2nd Edition3D Laser Processing of Windshields Using Existing Automation Resources At Plant

However, BOLDTM understands that if its systems design is flexible enough, that these existing automation resources can be integrated into a customers production flow much easier and in many circumstances can be leveraged, saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Product cost optimization methods increase profitability within a manufacturing environment.  Focusing on strategies on within the product life-cycle, a client can quickly shift when the need arises to more profitable opportunities or product life-cycle extension.

Existing automation resources such as conveyors, robotic material handling or inspection equipment can be integrated into a new laser glass cutting tool, keeping the budget focused on the core technology while existing equipment can reduce overall costs.  BOLDTM has a track record of working with the Glass Industry to adopt laser technology cost-effectively.  BOLD Products

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